// CARP Donation box script. Written by Angel Fluffy, with credit to :
// Keknehv Psaltery, jean cook, ama omega, nada epoch, YadNi Monde
// for their work on the "DONATION box" script upon which it was based.
string imtext = "I'm the __________ Donation Box! Please right click and pay me to donate, as this supports the __________ project and helps keep the place open for you!";
// this is the text sent to someone who clicks on the prim containing this script and who isn't the owner.
// first line of hover text above box (always constant)
string floaty = "__________ Donation Box\n";
// when total donated this month is less than monthlyneeded, display whatfunding_1 as the funding target,
// when it is more, display whatfunding_2. This allows you to show your donors when you have switched
// from funding your essential running costs to funding expansion.
string whatfunding_1 = "Funding : __________ \n";
string whatfunding_2 = "Funding : __________ \n"; 
// name of the current month
// we *could* get this automatically, but changing the month automatically isn't as easy as it seems.
// This is a change I might make in a future version.
string thismonth = "October"; 
// How much are we trying to raise per month?
// The script displays a countdown in SETTEXT above the prim its in, counting down until this target is reached.
// After this target is reached, the countdown disappears, being replaced with a tally.
// The goal of this is to encourage people to donate by setting a clear goal they feel they can help achieve by donating.
integer monthlyneeded = 30000;
// These two variables define the starting numbers for how much has been donated across all time, and how much this month.
// These starting numbers will have the donations the script recieves in between each reset/save added to it,
// and the result displayed in float text over the top of the script.
// The first time you start accepting donations, you should set both of the numbers below to zero.
// When saving this script, you (the object owner) should touch the donation box object,
// which will then tell you how much has been donated in total and how much has been donated this month.
// Entering this information here before saving will allow you to preserve the 'state' of the script across edits/restarts.
integer totaldonated = 0;
integer monthdonated = 0;
// these settings are like the above, but save the 'last donor' information. You can set them to "" and 0 to clear saved info.
string lastdonor = "Taffy Tinlegs";
integer lastdonated = 0;
// this interval defines how long we wait between each reminder to donate broadcast to SAY (range=20m)
integer timer_interval = 3600;
// these settings determine what the 'default' donation amounts are.
// the buttons are the 'fast pay' buttons, the 'payfield' is the default amount in the text box.
list paybuttons = [50,200,400,800];
integer payfield = 100;
// these variables should be left undefined.
string owner;
string otext;
integer mpercent;
integer updatemath() {
        float mpercentfloat = ((monthdonated * 100) / monthlyneeded);
        mpercent = (integer)mpercentfloat; 
 return 1;
integer updatetext() {
        otext = floaty;
        if (mpercent >= 100) {
            otext += whatfunding_2;
        } else {
            otext += whatfunding_1;
        if (lastdonated > 0) {
            otext += "Last donation : L$" + (string)lastdonated + " by " + lastdonor +"\n";
        if (mpercent >= 100) {
            otext += "We have raised L$"+(string)(monthdonated - monthlyneeded)+" for this, beyond our basic running costs of L$"+(string)monthlyneeded+" for "+thismonth+". \n";
            //otext += "The excess will go towards giving prizes and running special events!";
        } else {
            otext += "Our donors have contributed "+(string)mpercent+"% of our basic running costs ("+(string)monthdonated+"/"+(string)monthlyneeded+") for "+thismonth+".\n";
 return 1;
    on_rez( integer sparam )
        owner = llKey2Name( llGetOwner() );
        llSay(0,"Script updated. Usually this is caused by the donation box owner updating the script.");
    money(key id, integer amount)
        totaldonated += amount;
        monthdonated += amount;
        lastdonor = llKey2Name(id);
        lastdonated = amount;
        llInstantMessage(id,"On behalf of everyone who uses this place, thank you for the donation!");
        llSay(0,(string)llKey2Name(id)+" donated L$" + (string)amount + ". Thank you very much for supporting us, it is much appreciated!" );
    touch_start(integer num_detected){
        if (llDetectedKey(0) == llGetOwner()) {
            llOwnerSay("Reporting script status, because you are recognised as the owner of this donation box.");
            llOwnerSay("Current TOTAL donations across all time: L$"+(string)totaldonated);
            llOwnerSay("Current TOTAL donations for this month: L$"+(string)monthdonated);
        }  else {
    timer() {
        integer premainder = 100 - mpercent;
        integer aremainder = monthlyneeded - monthdonated;
        if (mpercent < 100) {
            llSay(0,"We still need to meet the last "+(string)premainder+"% of our basic costs (L$"+(string)aremainder+") this month, to pay for land tier etc. Please consider donating to help us out!");