robot network iconA collection of scripts I have found in my travels around the web.  Many of them I have found here and am archiving them as a backup or have found in sites that are now long gone. (I hate it when I REALLY need a script and the site is down or gone!).  Some of these scripts might be out of date but feel free to update them and post them in the forum. 

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Flash Scratch to SL - Your Scripting Tool

Script ImageNeed to write a LSL script and don't know how to script?  I know I hate trying to get my head around LSLS when I an in a time crunch. So why not give Flash Scratch a try! Its a great tool for learning and scoding your own scripts for Second Life without having to pay someone to do it and without a crash course in LSL

A Huge thanks to John Bennet of ATLAS Institute at University of Colorado and Eric Rosenbaum at MIT for writing Scratch for SL to begin with.

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